Meet Vijey Mohan

Photographer / Director / A Creative Partner

Drawing inspiration from everyday inanimate objects and working across multiple visual platforms, Vijey's work is immediately identifiable in its ability to tell a narrative that is at once evocative, gripping and uncommonly romantic.

His conceptual thinking blending into product & liquid photography have drawn in clients that include: TBWA/LA, TBWA/NY, VOSS water, Nvidia, notNeutral. Vijey's work have also been a part of Starset - Ricochet music videos, The Black String movie staring Frankie Muniz and Pro-bono work for non profit organizations like A Walk on Water.

Other fun facts,

Even though Vijey was born and brought up in India, he is terrible at cooking Indian food.

Sometimes he likes to take clumsy pictures with left over props from his shoots.

The Only Award which matters,
World's best photographer: Presented by his proud mom, every year!

His greatest achievement outside of photography is winning a fancy dress completion, dressed up as a newspaper. haha. . . .